Install iOS Ad hoc App

Installing an iPhone Ad Hoc Distribution


You will need:
  • The .ipa file
  • The .mobileprovision file for the application
  • The device with the UDID that you have provided
  • The computer that you sync with your device

Installation Steps:

  1. Save the .ipa and .mobileprovision files to your desktop, or another convenient place.
  2. Open iTunes, and drag-&-drop the .mobileprovision file onto Library.
  3. Drag-&-drop the .ipa file onto Library (on a Window's machine you can double click the .ipa file to install it). If you get an error don't go any further, contact the developer as there could be a problem with the files or provisioning.
  4. In iTunes go to the Applications area of the library, check that the ad hoc application is listed there amongst your other applications.
  5. With your device connected, select your device and the applications tab. Confirm that the new application has been checked ready for syncing.
  6. Sync your device with your iTunes. Once synced you should be able to see the ad hoc distribution on your device as you would any other application.